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CSF Advisers

CSF Advisers’ primary task is to operate, manage, and maintain CX1.
In addition to that, they will be principally engaged in the following
business activities:

  • Design and development of data centers;

  • Technical consulting and program / project management / turnkey
    management of the 
    construction of data centers.
    The aforementioned services can be undertaken by CSF Advisers
    based on the following arrangements: -

    • Develop, own and operate;

    • Develop for third parties on a turnkey contract basis;

    • Develop, sell and operate; and

    • Develop, sell, leaseback and operate; and

  • Marketing of data centre Tenancy Solutions and sourcing for tenants for data centers

  • Development and implementation of Data Centre Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Management Policies, Processes and Procedures.

  • Data Centre Tenancy Solutions which entail mainly the following services:

    • Analysis of efficiency of the data centre infrastructure including analysis of infrastructure (e.g. power) usage by the occupants or tenants;

    • Prediction of power usage, heat and air-cooling flow patterns, and recommend solutions to enhance the efficiency of the M&E infrastructures within the data centre;

    • Recommendation of solutions to minimise the usage of power (the most significant operating cost of a data centre facility);

    • Identify weaknesses in security and safety features of the data centre facility and recommend improvements thereto; and

    • Monitoring of the functionality and maintenance of hardware and software housed within data centers and other computer support facilities, including but not limited to the provision of back-up solutions and troubleshooting;

  • Network infrastructure solutions;

  • Managed Services Solutions and Data Management, Consultancy, Security Review, Process development and Audit; and

  • Provision and implementation of design, technical and maintenance services related to the above scope of services


Atlas CSF 

Atlas CSF primary task is to be engaged in project management, contracting, supply, fit-out and maintenance of data centre infrastructure.

Atlas CSF is expected to be involved as a contractor in the data centre development projects to be undertaken by CSF Advisers in the future.

Atlas CSF is also expected to undertake technology integration services. This usually involves the integration of various infrastructure equipment and solutions together, covering the development of communications protocols and systems engineering.


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