Malaysia Internet Exchange Hub: Empowering Malaysia's Internet Landscape Through Neutral Exchange

CSF Advisers is the proud host of MyIX (Malaysia Internet Exchange), Malaysia's pioneering neutral Internet Exchange.

Our facilities accommodates both local and 80%+ foreign telecom carriers, reinforcing its stature as a telecom hub.

Robust connectivity forms the foundation of every digital enterprise. Through MyIX, we facilitate direct connections

to both local and global Internet service providers, enhancing your network with optimized routes for

reduced latency and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Central Hub for Internet Exchange Connectivity

Welcome to CSF Advisers, the nucleus of Malaysia’s pioneering neutral Internet exchange, MyIX. Our facility proudly houses all local and over 80% of foreign telecom carriers operating within Malaysia. MyIX functions as the pivotal junction linking domestic and global Internet service providers (ISPs), as well as content providers, enabling the seamless exchange of online traffic. By colocating with us at CSF, you gain direct peering advantages with MyIX, fostering enhanced connectivity.

Enhanced Traffic Management

By establishing direct connections with telecommunication carriers and content providers through Malaysia Internet Exchange, Internet traffic follows a local trajectory, guaranteeing the utilization of the most efficient route to reach the end user.

The outcome is heightened broadband service quality for ISPs, thereby delivering an elevated end-user experience when accessing local content.

Improve Cost-Effectiveness

Through MyIX, local traffic remains within national networks rather than taking inefficient detours through international pathways. Choosing CSF for co-location empowers clients to achieve cost savings.

Data follows a streamlined route with minimal hops to reach its destination via direct peering with MyIX. This presents substantial cost advantages for smaller ISPs, enabling them to diminish reliance on expensive international bandwidth connections.

CSF Advisers

The Largest Carrier Neutral Telecommunication Exchange Facility in Malaysia.

We are carrier-neutral data centre, which hosts the most fibre in Malaysia.