Telecommunication Hub Exchange (CSF THX)

CSF TelcoHub1 (CSF THX) provides state-of-the-art data center
facilities to telecommunication providers to house their telecom
exchange, satellite farm, city submarine cable landing station to
inter-exchange voice, data, internet and machine traffic with
other telecommunication providers.
We provide full access to telecommunication provider to lay dark
fibre into data centre facilities as regional centre to exchange
fibre to internal data centre telco provider or external client



CSF TelcoHub1 interconnect services offer access to dark fibre providers
and many more large telecommunication providers in the world to offer
more choices of connectivity to our customers .
There are more than a thousand of telecommunication fibre cable landing
at CSF TelcoHub1. Our Inter Data Centre fibre network also connects to
various key data centres in Malaysia and is also house of Malaysia’s
Largest Internet Exchange
(MYIX) to provide data network connectivity.


When you collocate at CSF TelcoHub1, you will enjoy all the hosting
services our TelcoHub has to offer. Grow as and when you want at our
colocation space, we will provide you the space, power requirement
and all of our available infrastructure facilities available at our
colocation space.
CSF TelcoHub1 colocation space very much caters to your needs and
your budget. That is why we offer from full rack space, half rack space
and quarter space whereby you will still receive the same full hosting
service with any of yours elected rack space requirements.
What is even more interesting is that we will leave the choice to you to
interconnect with our wide variety of telecommunication providers at CSF
TelcoHub1 for your bandwidth .

Co-location & Hosting Services

Dedicated Data Centre Space

CSF TelcoHub1 offers dedicated space to those who still prefers their
own suite to place all the equipment and racks. Our team of expertise
for fit out and design will help customize the space to meet your
requirements for the space when being engaged.
At CSF TelcoHub1, our infrastructure design is able to cater up tier 4
with 2N configuration.


At CSF TelcoHub1, we take all precautionary measures defined for
data centres infrastructures to secure the data centre building and
common area facility security.
We have 6 layers of security verification in order to access the
data hall. The security verification incorporates physical security
check, card access system and CCTV.
CSF TelcoHub1 provides total protection against all threats to
enable continuous operation for customers to feel assured with
100% uptime of mission critical facilities.

Security Services

Managed Data Centre Services

We are always committed to delivering the best managed data centre services
to our customers at CSF TelcoHub1. We provide the right people, networks to
optimise your IT infrastructure, processes, technology and security. Rest assured
when you host at CSF TelcoHub1 and drive your business innovations forward
without spending too much time in your operations .
Our managed data centre services comprise of the following: -

- Operations Management Services
- Perform systems operation functions - Monitor network operation
Remote hands services


Comprehensive Facility Management

Our subsidiary Atlas CSF has a long leading reputation of
providing comprehensive facility management solutions.
We provide a complete solution to support your entire facility,
be it a Mission critical IT centre, Telecommunication Exchange,
Command Centres or a departmental facility.